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How I work

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

I am a fully qualified integrative counsellor. This means that I draw on a number of modalities in my work with you, depending on the needs of my client. I work from a humanistic core which means that I keep you at the centre of our work, believing that you are the expert on yourself.  However, I do not believe that therapy is a one size fits all process. We are all unique, and different therapeutic approaches may feel more akin to you than others.  Being an integrative therapist means that I can draw on a number of approaches and skills in our work together. These are integrated seamlessly allowing us to work in a way that feels right for you.


I believe the counselling experience and the relationship between client and counsellor is unique - unlike any other relationship you are likely to experience in your day-to-day life. The focus is purely on you, without agenda or intention beyond hearing and helping you to overcome whatever struggles you are currently facing.


Trust and understanding are therefore essential, to balance and allow for the vulnerability and depth that often comes out of our time together. 

To foster and invite this relationship, I offer a warm, compassionate, open, and accepting space where you can talk freely about anything that you want or feel that you need to share. Developing a trusting relationship and being aware of what is happening between us is the core of effective therapy. I work to try and understand the situation that you need support with and look at how it is impacting your life. We can work together to identify patterns and themes of your view of the world. 

Talking therapy can improve your self-awareness and insight, and in doing so this will help you feel differently about yourself and your life. Giving you the space to make decisions differently about the way you may respond to life’s challenges and changes, and improve communication to those you are close to.

I have experience working with many different problems, including anxiety, low mood, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, and abuse and trauma, amongst others. I have a particular interest in fertility-related issues and childhood sexual abuse. 

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